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Our 1 Hour Yoga Lesson Structures And Fees

Option 1 - R80.00

This payment option is available to anyone and is ideal for people who cannot commit to attending on a weekly/regular basis. This fee is paid on the day of the class.

Option 2 - R260.00

This is a monthly fee paid at the beginning of each month and it entitles you to attend one class a week (on average you would be attending 4 or 5 classes a month).

Option 3 - R410.00

This is a monthly fee paid at the beginning of each month and it entitles you to attend two classes a week (on average you will be attending 8 or 9 classes a month).

Option 4 - R500.00

This is for 10 yoga classes and is valid for three months after purchase.

To take part in our yoga lessons, see our Indemnity form and T's & C's 

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What Our Clients Have To Say

In-turn we would like to thank our clients for being awesome!
  • Kylie Adlam
    Hot sunny days, sweating comes naturally and the last thing on my mind is exercise! Having an athlete for a man doesn't help things either. Hatha Yoga got me excited and doing "strange" poses became challenging progression of yoga skills appear smooth and natural over time - Marlise is a great mentor. A stress free, welcoming and friendly environment.
    Kylie Adlam
  • I am 47 years old and have been doing Hatha Yoga with Marlise since October 2018. With my full and busy lifestyle, this was the best thing I could have done for myself. It is my time to relax and focus on me. In yoga we learn to focus on our breathing and to focus on our mind and bodies. Every amount of tension I may have before the class is gone by the time I leave. It is a great workout as one does feel every muscle working, stretching and toning. Marlise has a calm and peaceful presence and allows everyone to work according to their own ability. The venue, Bluff Eco Club, is beautiful and calm. It is perfect for yoga. Marlise also plays tranquil music in the background. It is a time for relaxation and calmness. I believe that people of all ages would greatly benefit from yoga. For me, yoga has become a way of life. Thank you Marlise. Super class.
    Wendy Clark
  • How has yoga changed my life? I began yoga classes with Marlise Els in June 2018. I had been wanting to begin yoga for some time, as I am asthmatic I find any cardio exercise difficult to get through. Since joining yoga I have found my lung capacity has greatly improved through learning different breathing techniques, in fact I haven't had a single asthma attack since I began doing Yoga. Further to this, I have grown in strength and flexibility, and when I have found any yoga position difficult, Marlise will always offer an alternative pose to work on and will teach me new stretches to help strengthen the muscles required in order to work towards getting the position correct. I find that even just attending two classes a week has reduced my stress levels significantly and I am far more adaptable and patient. I feel healthier, stronger and more at peace and I am forever grateful to Marlise for bringing Yoga to the Bluff.
    Kayleigh Emge
  • I started yoga about 9 months ago because I needed to find a balance in my life, especially from my chaotic work schedule. Since starting with Marlise I've found a way to focus and quiten my mind whilst still pushing myself in every class. Each time I return to the mat I notice I am able to do something I wasn't able to previously. Marlise has very gentle and kind soul, she bring a calmness to her classes which always leaves me feeling more nourished and at peace than before the practice.
    Jaid Emge
  • It is great privilege, to be able to write this testimony, about my experience at the Hatha yoga classes. i joined the yoga classes in February of this year, as i was looking for a new challenge and experience. Yet what i found was so much more, not only has the classes helped with my running and working out, it has given me a better and stronger mind set as well as helping to release my anger and stress, in a way that has left not only myself but others noticing a happier and more relaxed version of myself. It is a wonderful and peaceful place to practice yoga and grow not only as a person but as a group.
    Clement Janse Van Rensburg
  • Carina Addinall
    Why did I start Yoga? Initially to get my body in shape and because I thought its an easy way to exercise (wow was I wrong) without having to do too much. On the other hand I always had an urge to, I suppose. You always see other people doing it and it looks so peaceful... so serene. I think thats what made me keep going back. Well this was nearly a year ago. My body changed thank goodness haha, but something else did too. I found what I was looking for.. peace, calm, serenity. Marlise was there from the start to teach and guide me on this journey. I discovered muscels I definately didn’t know I have. I feel strong from head to toe. I feel healthy and I almost have my summer body yay! Its nearly winter now but I will make sure to shape and strenghten my body and mind until then and after of course. Thank Marlise for being part of my yoga journey.
    Carina Addinall


Frequently Asked Yoga Questions

Your yoga questions - personal and class related it just got real!
What if I'm over weight?
Don't let your weight discourage you from doing any exercises. Doing yoga is already a step in the right direction.
Is it a good idea to come to a lesson if I'm gassy?
It depends on the severity of your condition. You can still come to the class if you feel capable and comfortable. If you don't feel comfortable, you can inform your yoga instructor and ask him/her to give you yoga poses to practice at home which will help relieve that "gassy feeling".
What are the best clothes to wear?
Tights and a loose top or a tank top, anything that you feel comfortable in which will allow you to move freely.
I am not flexible at all and I have never done yoga before. Can I still do yoga?
Yes certainly. You don't have to be flexible already in order to do yoga. Yoga is what will help you to gain/improve flexibility. You must allow your body time to adapt.
I am pregnant, can I still do yoga?
Yes, Yoga is one of the exercises highly recommended for pregnant women. There are a lot of yoga poses suitable for pregnant women which can benefit them throughout the entire pregnancy right up until the delivery of the baby. Always remember that there are yoga poses that won't be suitable for pregnant women. Your yoga instructor will give you alternative poses to practice.
Do people stare at you while you are doing yoga?
No people don't stare at you. They are focused on themselves and executing the pose.


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